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Daily Specials

Our daily specials are available all day for lunch and dinner. Join us for your next great story! Book today.

<h4><b>Monday</b></h4><big>A hearty stew for just $15!</big>


A hearty stew for just $15!
<H4><b>Tuesday</b></H4><big>Curry Club $15</big>


Curry Club $15
<h4><b>Wednesday</b></H4><big>Pie and Pint $15</big>


Pie and Pint $15
<h4><b>Thursday</b></H4><big>All toasties are $10 on Thursdays</big>


All toasties are $10 on Thursdays
<h4><b>Friday</b></h4><big>Fish finger sandwich with crisps $15</big>


Fish finger sandwich with crisps $15

Night time specials

In addition to our daily specials, we have night time only specials on these nights.

<h4><b>Every day 4-6pm</b></h4><big>Happy hour.<BR>$5 schooners and wines.<BR>$7.50 pints and large wines!</big>

Every day 4-6pm

Happy hour.
$5 schooners and wines.
$7.50 pints and large wines!
<h4><b>Tuesday 5-8pm</b></h4><big>$1 Dumplings with a drink</big>

Tuesday 5-8pm

$1 Dumplings with a drink
<h4><B>Fridays and Saturdays</B></h4><big>$15 Martinis all night!</big>

Fridays and Saturdays

$15 Martinis all night!