Our Menu

The Fox Hole is an independent bar in the Sydney CBD with British-inspired food. Alcohol focusing on wine and gin with the most diverse gin selection in the north end of the CBD.

We're open from 7.30am to late on weekdays and offer breakfast and all day options from midday till late. 

All Day

The Fox Hole is a popular place to make great stories for lunch or an after-work drink (or three!). So, we always recommend booking to ensure you get a spot. 

We serve our All Day Menu from 12-midday to 4.00pm and then 5.00pm to close.  Our menu is a British-inspired with things like Scotch Eggs, pies with mash/mushy peas, and curry club on Mondays!

Download the all day menu

Event at The Fox Hole

At The Fox Hole, we love helping you make great stories, whether that story is for a birthday party, a hen's or buck's night, an anniversary or just a bunch of friends for a big night out.

For groups up to 10 people, just book using the booking form or give us a call.

For bigger groups, please email [email protected] - include your phone number, date of your event and how many people. Alternatively you can call us on (02) 9279 4369

Canapé event menu


    • Toast with spreads

    • Toast


      Fruit loaf, sourdough, rye & spelt, soy linseed & quinoa

      Butter, marmalade, peanut butter, strawberry jam, vegemite

    • Avocado on toast

    • Crumpets


      Small batch, locally-made crumpets

      With butter, honey, marmalade, peanut butter, strawberry jam or Vegemite.

    • Pastry

    • Croissant

    • Ham and cheese croissant

    • Panini

    • Bacon and Egg


      Bacon, egg and barbecue sauce

    • BLAT


      Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and aioli

    • Vegetarian


      Egg, avocado, goat cheese and aioli

    • Morning Specials

    • Toast with regular coffee

    • Avocado on toast with regular coffee

    • Panini with coffee


      Your choice of any panini and a regular coffee

    • Crumpets with regular coffee