Food and Bar Menus

We believe that all great stories at The Fox Hole start with a drink, whether that's a coffee at 7.30am or a wine at 7.30pm. Those stories continue with our British-inspired menu available Mornings, Lunches and Evenings!

Weekday Mornings

The Fox Hole's main Conservatory Bar on Ground Level plays host to our cafe in the morning. Every weekday from 7.30am to 11.00am.

Weekday Lunches

One of the most popular times of the day at The Fox Hole. So, our lunch menu provides a great range of meals for your busy work day.

Weekday Night

The Fox Hole is open until late six nights a week from Monday to Saturday and the weeknights menu is great for after work snacks, dinner and bar food into the evening.

Drinks Menu

The Fox Hole's drinks menu is focused around wine, cocktails, gin, whisky, beer and has a fully stocked back bar for every taste.

The Fox Hole

The Fox Hole's is a London-inspired bar in the heart of Sydney's CBD. The menu is not unlike a menu you may find if you stumbled into an underground bar in Mayfair in the middle of London's business and tourist districts. Our staff are trained in all aspects of the menu and are always happy to guide you towards a meal or drink to suit your taste.