Explore Tequila

Experience Tequila at The Fox Hole

We are very excited to launch our newest edition Explore: Tequila. It's an entertaining and informative two hour tequila masterclass that will take you on a fiesta through the world of tequila.

Explore Tequila

Each tequila experience is a sensory journey led by our in-house agave aficionados

Throughout the adventure, we'll weave engaging narratives about the individuals and locales that have shaped the identity of what we now recognize as Mexican tequila.


Immerse yourself in the world of premium tequilas, discovering their history, production, and diverse flavour profiles. Engage in lively discussions and savour curated selections, from blanco to añejo, elevating your appreciation for this much loved, iconic Mexican spirit.


Explore Tequila

Each Tequila experience is a sensory journey led by our in-house agave aficionados.

Embark on a two-hour journey through the heart and soul of Tequila craftsmanship every Thursday night at The Fox Hole. Savour the diverse styles and rich history of this fiery elixir. From smooth sips to bold expressions, each pour is a step into the heritage of Mexico's most celebrated spirit. 

What's included?

Your Tequila experience includes six premium tequilas from all varying styles of tequila across Mexico.

You'll have full access to a variety of tonics and dozens of garnishes on our menu, so you can drink and enjoy your tequila just the way you like it. 


Stories about Tequilas origins


Access to our garnish menu


An array of premium Tequilas

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Explore Tequila is held each Thursday night at The Fox Hole.

Booking per person:

$90.00 2 hours

Book with confidence: If you or someone in your party tests positive for COVID or needs to isolate within 7 days of the event. We will waive all late reschedule fees and you'll be able to transfer your booking to a future date or alternative experience at The Fox Hole. Read more

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