Your next great story starts now...


Exploring should be fun, and we love to explore through telling stories. Our experience guides (we call them storytellers) are spirits experts who personally love the drink and the stories they will share with you. 

Enjoying something is more than just tasting it - know about it and be part of its story!

Everything is included

Whether you're exploring at The Fox Hole or At Home, everything you need is included - spirits, mixers, garnishes, instructions... and, more importantly, fun!

All you have to do is choose your experience.


Explore Gin

Explore the history of gin, how it's made and (we think some pretty entertaining) stories about the places and people that have influenced gin over the ages.

The experience includes seven gins, two tonics, a bunch of garnishes and some palate cleansers.

Explore Scotch

Explore the six Scottish regions making single malt Scotch today. Learn about what makes Scotch whisky unique, how it's made and unique stories about the places and people that have influenced this spirit through the ages.

The experience includes six Scotch, snacks of food pairing, a ginger ale (just in case) and some palate cleansers.

Ecological footprint made of recyclable paper over green grass. Copy space

We try to step lightly

Everything we do has an impact on the communities and the environment in which we live. 

We think about this with everything we do. Our packaging is sustainable, reusable and recyclable; we use green power; we source our products from supply chains which don't use slave or child labour; we only use paper straws; and our toilet paper even contributes to building toilets for those who don't have them. 

These things are all just part of our normal - not an added extra.