Explore Gin at Home

Our virtual gin experience for home or the office.

Or join us for Explore Gin (in-venue) with matched canapes from our British-inspired menu.

Beautiful glass of gin on bar counter with blurred background in shades of blue and boke.

Experience anywhere

Explore Gin at Home is the perfect experience for home, the office, the park, wherever you are!

The experience is a casual, yet informative (live!) online tasting suitable for 1 to dozens of people at a time. It's the perfect way for friends or colleagues to stay social even over distances!

Everything is included

Our virtual experience pack includes everything you need to enjoy, drink, and learn - spirits, mixers, garnishes, instructions... and, more importantly, fun!

Once your experience pack is ordered, you'll receive a link to select a time to join our Gin Expert to guide you through your experience. Regular session time is Saturday at 4.00pm. Additional timeslots are always being added, click the button below to see the current schedule.

  • Tuesday 29 December @ 5.00pm
  • Every Saturday @ 4.00pm (continuing throughout 2021!)
Five colorful gin tonic cocktails in wine glasses on bar counter in pup or restaurant.

What's in the pack?

Each experience pack is created for you by hand by our team at The Fox Hole and includes:

  • 7 gins across four styles
  • 10 hand selected garnishes
  • 2 different premium tonic waters
  • Palate cleansers
  • Instruction card

All you have to do is choose the your pack size - for one contains a half shot of each gin (3.6 std drinks) and for two contains a full shot of each gin (7.2 std drinks). Packs cannot be split across multiple locations - so if you and your friend are in two places, a "for one" pack each is suitable.

Choose a tasting pack size:

Our tasting packs come in single (for one) or double (for two - or another one for you, for later!) sizes. If you are part of an existing private booking, please include the name of that booking during checkout.

If you'd like to make a new private group booking, please click here.

"Knowledgeable and entertaining guide through the variety of gins put together for us. A great way to start an evening with friends. We can't wait to get to The Fox Hole to put our new insights into practice."

- Judith, July 2020

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We try to step lightly

Everything we do has an impact on the communities and the environment in which we live. 

We think about this with everything we do. Our packaging is sustainable, reusable and recyclable; we use green power; we source our products from supply chains which don't use slave or child labour; we only use paper straws; and our toilet paper even contributes to building toilets for those who don't have them. 

These things are all just part of our normal - not an added extra.